It is Week 7 already!!

Week 7?!!  How did that happen?  I knew it was going to happen this way…..every year once we hit July 4th it seems like we board the bullet train headed straight to the holidays.  Buckle up, here we go!

I have promised myself I will get better about documenting this Dopey journey as we head to double-digit mileage, since nothing remarkable has happened during training.  Distance was 7 miles this week, a milestone I have hit quite a bit over the last 6 months or so, so no big surprises.  I have a 3 miler on the schedule next weekend, but the 9 that follows it begins the real work.  I do have some random thoughts I wanted to get out though, and decided a quick update was in order.

Starbucks is kicking my Dopey training butt.  We completed our transition to our new drive thru store, it is gorgeous….but our sales are about double what they were in my cute little cafe store…so stinkin busy.  All the time, every day.  Drive thru is definitely a game changer, as is the closing of our closest neighbor for renovations.  YIKES.  So yeah, I am tired.  The midweek runs are tough.  Dragging myself over to Tumbleweed is so hard.  I can not sit down when I get home, I just have to take care of the doggies and change and GO.  Thursday is worse than Tuesday.   The past 2 Thursdays I had only been able to squeak out 30 minutes before I had to stop and just walk the rest of the time….I am just done.  I know my body will adapt as we go along and I will get used to craziness of the day.  I  hope.

There are a couple things going really well though, despite how tired I am.  I have kept up my strength training, and while it is just one afternoon a week, I think it really has improved my running…..not in speed, mind you,(I will never be faster than a turtle), but my strength and comfort while I run.  I feel stronger, things don’t hurt, and my recovery time is crazy fast.  I ran 7 yesterday, and I am not in the least bit sore this morning.  This has got to be the strength workouts along with picking a good easy pace…..which I think I have finally done.

Second?  My weight is awesome!  Yes, I just typed that.  Me,  the queen of scale fixation is happy.  I am still working with a lower carb higher fat diet, and while I am slightly disappointed I didn’t lose more(lol….I really didn’t lose anything), my endurance with little or no fueling is great, and that was really what I hoped to gain from LCHF.  We shall how this works going forward as the mileage ramps up in September.  I need to figure out a fuel source, and I have a few differnet things to try.  I ran the 7 fasted and felt just fine, my pace was slow and even, but I never lost energy, and that right now is my goal.  Tom and I went to Huntington Beach a couple weeks ago (it was GORGEOUS), I ate what I wanted and really didn’t worry about it, came back 3 pounds heavier, but it went away within the week back… damage done.  I think I am finally really happy with my diet lifestyle.

See? Nothing terrible remarkable going on, which at this point I think is perfect……no pain, save for a little adductor soreness that I am trying to stretch out.  My feet are good, no PF, just a little soreness in my cranky ankle……absolutely nothing like what I dealt with in 2015!  Asthma is good, and I someone avoided the usual “here is Spring sinus infection.”  Things are so good, it makes me afraid and really optimistic at the same time. Pam and I are doing this.  REALLY.  We texted just this morning about what kind of crazy people go on vacation to runner 48 miles?  Well,  we do!  LOL  One step, one race, one day at a time. The challenge is to stay focused as the year rolls along, through all the holdays and craziness they bring.  Here is Sunday’s run (and what I posted in the Lizard group), hopefully all my long runs will leave me feeling as good.  Til next time!




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