Well, hello.  Pardon me….but I am laughing hysterically right now.  Did you notice I have a new countdown?  BWAHHH.  Okay, sorry, it is just pretty darn funny to write this after I just reread my post from this time last year.  UHHHH……I can explain!  LOL.  So maybe we should recap, been a little while between posts(uh, like a year, Donna?!)…and then I will explain.  It involves one word:  Pamela.  🙂

But more of that later….I ran The Dumbo Double Dare last fall, and it was a GREAT weekend, so much fun.  That is a race that I would do again without even thinking about it.  Maybe it was the company…maybe it was all the in the park course time, whatever it was it just plain fun.IMG_4163

Weekend full of old friends and new….and full of plans.  Pam and I hatched a plan to run the Mesa-Phoenix half to get proof of time for our January half. Ha ha…. make that Dopey?!!!   We got to meet and hang out with Jacque and have possibly the best meal of my life at Napa Rose.  Kirk was volunteering at the finish line, so so happy to see him.  🙂 Amazing memories.  Coast to Coast Medal!! Yeah, very proud of my bling here.IMG_4190Actual running performance?  10k?  Super easy, time flew.  I had trained really well for this challenge, despite being sick almost the whole month of June…..I had managed to catch up all my training….thanks to Jac and I felt super strong going into this.  Half time was my slowest not because I had problems, but someone we ran with did, so we walked and talked her through it.  Awesome day.

Next up was Rock and Roll training.  Jac and I partnered up for this one.  We were doing great, getting all our runs done, but I was starting to stress about trying to PR either at Rock and Roll, or at the Phoenix half….I really hoped for an under 3 hour half for POT for Disney.  Well, I am not meant to go faster than my turtle speed, cause, I got hurt in December.  Hamstring all weird, it still isn’t 100%.  ugh…..Rock and Roll was painful, and the whole time I was consumed with the fact that I had planned to do something crazy next January…….and here I couldn’t get through my favorite half marathon.  Not good.

I didn’t run much following that race, and held out hope that Pam and I could pull off an under three to give us a good time for …..yeah that race challenge that starts with the “D”……..lol still in denial. While it wasn’t under 3, it was a personal PR by 30 seconds.  🙂  I was happy!!  I got to run with Pam and Joey and we had a great time.  The hamstring was sore, but not as bad….not as bad as the cold that morning?? !!  That was probably a bad sign of the things to come.  I’ll save the Shamrock mess for another post…..I have lots to say about that adventure!



So, now onto the real reason for this rather lengthy catch up…umm, yeah, so when your best friend in the whole world texts you one day in February and says….”hey…lets do something crazy…….let’s run Dopey.”….what do you do?  Scream?  Laugh?  Cry?  nope…..not any of these.  You just ask her one thing:  Are you sure you know what you are getting into?  When she answers: I think so…..that is when you scream, laugh and cry.   LOL

So, yes, the runner who said another full wasn’t in the cards is running Dopey.  A race each morning…..5k, 10k, half marathon and then yes, a full marathon.  Lord help me.  🙂  The difference this time?  I am running with Pam.  The thought scares the crap out of me, but the bigger emotion of knowing what crossing that line with her by my side will feel like sooooo outweighs the terror that I CAN NOT WAIT.   I have so much more to write about…so much going on right now, but that is enough confessing for one post.  I am taking it easy right now, short runs, getting some strength training in, I am back in the sweatshop again(aka Sumits…lol) all in preparation for the last week in June.  Scared to death…..but also very, very excited.





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