Whole 30 and 30/30

So, I am 13 days into my Whole 30.  It’s been rough.  Energy level poopy.  Still not sleeping all that great.  UGH.  Top that with a husband who is not exactly eating anything like a Whole 30…..and is eating all the things.  Now, I could force him into it, but that would end badly, so I try to just roll with it.  Saint Monica(the patron saint of patience)has been getting an earful this week.  Last night I almost caved.  So close.  I made him a calzone.  Dangerous.  Umm, LOVE bread.  I LOVE cheese.  Hello beautiful thing….I want you.  lol  Well, I got past it until he opened a bottle of wine.  Frog’s Leap.  Sauvignon Blanc.  Did I mention its one of my favorites?  He is lucky he made it through dinner.  Kidding.  Sorta.  But other than that very close call, I haven’t been craving too much, eating has been on point and I have resisted the call of the scale.  That is the not so great stuff, shall we move onto great things?

I found Jeff Galloway about 3 years ago, via a YouTube video with Derek Ralston.  I owe them both so much…I truly doubt I would have even entertained the thought of running a marathon without them.  I don’t know why, but when I started, I really wanted to be able to run a 30/30.  I had done a couch to 5k app just before discovering the Galloway method and it was a disaster.  Far too much running for me, and had seriously depressed me.  I just couldn’t do it.  I could run for more than 15-20 seconds at the most.  But once I got into Galloway, I realized that didn’t matter….10 seconds, 15 seconds were fine….you do what you can and that was so empowering.  I ran the best half of my life in January 2014, not for the pace, but how I felt.  Strong all the way to the end, thanks to Galloway!  But still in my head I yearned for 30/30.  I don’t know why.  It’s silly.  That’s what “normal” runners run! lol Not my silly 20/40….I knew for marathon training I had to go slow, the whole idea was to finish, obviously it was not gonna be fast.  15/30 worked really well, and it got me through all those training runs and the race.  When I got home from Marathon weekend, I surprised myself by really still wanting to run…I thought I’d be done with that stuff!

I got it in my head to work to 30/30, a second at a time I added to the run segment.  Did it, but damn it was hard.  How to you peeps do it?  Funny, a conversation with a Lizard buddy solved that.  (Thanks again, Joey!)  He told me to slow down, don’t run like I do for 15 seconds…go slower….even if it is a 16 minute mile…just go slower.  This week I tried it on a short weekday run.  It wasn’t too hot, a perfect afternoon to try it out.  And it worked!!  I feel kinda silly to say it made me almost as happy as finishing 26.2!!  The breathing is till tough, I still have a lot of researching breathing to do, and while I hope to someday get faster, I am okay with my pace right now!  Doing those run segment slower feels awesome and I am not as tired when I finish!  I ran 3 miles today, and had a few moments of fatigue, but really by the 2.5 mile mark I was feeling darn good!  Who knew?  Go slower, keep your pace and feel great?  YES!!!  And I also think the Whole 30 has helped in this too.  No dairy?  SO much better for my asthma!!  I have known this for a long time in my heart, but man I LOVE cheese(lol, think you know that already!)  I also discovered that I love running…..I love that there is always somewhere to make an improvement…..its a journey just like life.   Two more weeks til I can step on the scale!! So very curious!!  IMG_3497


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