Shall we weigh in?

I have a terrible love/hate thing going with the scale.  For years the number defined me, either crushed or made my day…..I’d like to say I have conquered that nonsense, but sadly I still struggle with it almost every day.  So dumb.  Health is what truly matters, and I KNOW this, really I do, but the number is still important for me.  I still wish the number was lower.  It is idiotic.  But there it is.  My weight is fine, my BMI is normal, I know I look just fine, but here I still am in the relentless pursuit of the loss of 5more pounds. I would love to be just a little leaner, a little less body fat….am I really that vain? lol maybe.  During marathon training, I weighed myself more out of curiosity than anything else.  I knew I wasn’t going to lose, despite the crazy mileage.  Your body is pretty much holding onto every calorie you give it, cause you are asking it do so much.  Well, at least mine is… name is not Shalene, or Amy…..they are super woman.  When I finished training, I was terrified I was going to see gains, now the lack of mileage would pack some pounds on.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen either.  But here I am, still wishing for a little less of me.  hmmm…….. Is it silly? Maybe.

Just as I was a sick child most of my life, I was also overweight, which I think went hand in hand with the asthma and my lack of any real activity.  I took that into my adulthood.  Always trying to lose weight, trying just about everything to shed some pounds.  It was a constant painful struggle.  And nothing worked.  Funny, no one at work can imagine me heavy, but believe me 20 pounds may not sound like a whole lot unless you are 5 foot nothing.  I was very unhappy.  I lost it mostly through Atkins, which was all the rage 15 or so years ago, but I was still a sugar/carb addict, and still struggled with food.  Bad food…..good food and the scale.  I lifted weights and still hated cardio….it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I started to reevaluate my diet, tipping my toes into the Paleo movement, working my way to a more paleo diet was a huge success for me.  I was given a book by my good friend Shannon that sealed the deal for me and made me realize I was definitely on the right track.  Grains and sugar were my nemesis…..and without them the scale moved and I felt SO MUCH BETTER.  Each body is different and you have to find what works for you.  But I spent almost 40 years eating low fat, high carbs and got no where…hating myself and blaming my lack of willpower for my lack of pounds lost.  What a freaking waste of time and energy.  Anyway, besides the awesome NSNG lifestyle and listening to Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast, I read and listened to everything I could about the paleo/real food/no sugar movement I could find.  I came across a book:  “It Starts with Food”, which reiterated the real evil in our diets is sugar and grains and processed food.  There is a diet challenge to go along with the book, its called the Whole 30.  For thirty days you eliminate all dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes, artificial sweeteners, soy and any and all processed foods, and you are banned from the scale.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  It is a diet, but it is also about healing your relationship with food, discovering certain foods make you feel bad…..breakouts, tummy trouble, etc.  So I did it.  It was hard.  Really hard.  I X’d each day on the calendar……when it was done, I had lost about 6 pounds,not earth shattering…..but I felt amazing.  So much pain was gone, pain in my joints that I had for years.  Gone.  My skin looked better, my head felt clear.  It was amazing!

I did a couple whole 30’s since the first, and while the results were not as dramatic, it still served as  a good reset for me.  Sugar creeps back into your diet in small sneaky ways….the whole 30 is like clearing the slate.  🙂  So when my friend Christine told me she was thinking of giving it a try, I just knew it was time for me to clear my slate as well.  I have been exploring nutrition again, I just got Matt Fitzgerald’s “Racing Weight” from the library and sadly his book is full of grains.  sadness.  😦  They just don’t work for me.  Breads and cereals make my joints hurt. Today is day one, and so far so good.  Had to find something else to drink at yoga today… favorite drink (chocolate coconut water….it’s SO DELICIOUS!!!) has added sugar.  Can’t drink Ultima either, its sweetened with stevia.  Water with lemon and salt is a good replacement, but just not as tasty.  So it’s perfect time to try a Whole 30, since I a not training for a race right now.  We shall see how it goes!

I’m a little lost without a marathon to train for, right now I’m just training out to a long run of 10k.  Still trying to play with my intervals, still hoping to get just a tad faster…..heat is coming on already…..the rest of the country is freezing and we are having record high temps.  Sigh.  Can we get a little in between please??  Here is Sunday’s run and gosh that was a lovely morning.  I’ll take some more of that!  Happy running!!



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